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July 14, 2005


Rick Moore

Hi, Mark!

The default color choice for the editor is something that stupefies me - it's unusable.
BTW, I use black also

Leo the Builder

Agree with Rick Moore, the default color is whacky. Use black here


Hey Mark,

We've chatted before in the AUGI forums. I was wondering if you could help me figure something out ...

From my understanding, there are 2 options when right clicking a DB in model space. You get the option to edit the block in place and you get the option to go into the block editor.

The "in place" editor is where I need a bit of input. What exactly does this do? What is it for?

From my understanding, the in place editor is more geared towards regular blocks rather than DBs. If a DB is opened and edited "in place", CAD assigns it a "nested object" status, complete with new name, and basically explodes the block. It's basically a reference editor.

I ask primarily because I have a co-worker asking me why his DBs are not working after he uses the in place editor.

Personally, I have not worked with the in place editor a whole lot and actually try to avoid it when using DBs. But now that my co-worker has started asking questions, I am actually kind of curious about it. The help menu in CAD does not hold a lot of info on it.

Can you confirm or deny my suspicions? Can you add to what I've written?

a reply would be greatly appreciated.

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