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July 31, 2006


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» EplotView DWF from JTB World Blog
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Kal Houhou

Wow wow wow, I am so impressed by the excellent work you did on this new kind palette...2007 works fine, 2006 no problem with DWF, but PDF was frozen couldnt resize the palette or move it arround (16 pages)...I will try more later. In summary it's a great tool to have in any office. I already found great great use for my 150 users! I will send you a paypal contribution soon...
Thanks to make it happen Mark.
Keep the great job up...
Kal (old Mark fan)

Mark Douglas

Thanks Kal for the nice comments. I'll look into PDF and ACAD 2006 issue you're seeing. If I find something that i can fix, I'll post an updated file.

See ya at AU Kal!!

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